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Trump Loses Again


This is not good.

It seems like everyone is working together to ensure Trump can’t run again in 2024. It has now been revealed that a judge has just dismissed former President Donald Trump’s lawsuit that he placed against New York Attorney General Letitia James.

AG James is currently working unbelievably hard to tie Trump to shady business practices that happened in the state of New York which Trump and his family say is simply not true.


According to the Washington Examiner, Trump’s lawsuit which was just dismissed claimed that James’ investigation violated Donald Trump’s rights.

After learning about Trump’s lawsuit being dismissed Attorney General James celebrated the move and said, “In a big victory, a federal court has dismissed Donald Trump’s baseless lawsuit to stop my office’s investigation into his and the Trump Organization’s financial dealings. Frivolous lawsuits won’t stop us from completing our lawful, legitimate investigation.”

One of Trump’s attorney’s Alina Habba responded to the news and said, “There is no question that we will be appealing this decision. If Ms. James’s egregious conduct and harassing investigation does not meet the bad faith exception to the Younger abstention doctrine, then I cannot imagine a scenario that would.”