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Dems To Give Universal Healthcare To Illegals

You won’t believe this.

California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) recently unveiled a new budget plan which aims to give illegal aliens healthcare.

According to Fox, the plan to give illegals money was unveiled in his $213 billion California Blueprint plan, which will also be backed by a $45.7 billion surplus.

The plan will ultimately give free health insurance to all low income individuals including illegal immigrants in the state of California.

During his press conference, Newsom stated, “Here’s the big one: California is poised to be, if this proposal is supported, the first state in the country to achieve universal access to health coverage. So, what does that mean? It means full-scope Medi-Cal, including long-term care, IHSS [In-Home Supportive Services], and behavioral health to all low-income Californians, regardless of immigration status.”

Republicans in California are already not happy with this move and if it gets passed by the state it will millions more for taxpayers.

If Newsom’s plan is passed it would be fully implemented by January 2024.

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