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Voters Kick Cheney Out

Bye bye!

In a new poll that has left Democrats and Republican traitors shocked, it has just been learned that Republican traitor Liz Cheney is behind by 30 points as she fights vigorously to get re-elected.

According to Politico, the poll which likely has Cheney panicking has found that her opponent, Wyoming attorney Harriet Hageman, has gained 56 percent of the vote compared to Liz Cheney who only received a shocking 26 percent in the GOP primary.

What’s worse for Cheney is that Hageman is a Trump-endorsed candidate and Trump has had Cheney in his crosshairs ever since she voted in favor to impeach him last year with a small group of Republicans.

Liz Cheney’s days in politics appear to be numbered and there seems to be very little she can do to fend off Hageman who is breathing down her neck.

Trump vowed to unseat Cheney and it looks like he will soon fulfill his promise. It would truly be a shocker if Cheney was able to pull off some sort of a miracle and maintain power.