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VIDEO: Biden’s Motorcade Attacked

Here’s what we know…

Secret Service had to step in and quickly tackle a female protester after she rushed President Biden’s motorcade.

According to Fox News, the commotion happened when President Biden was traveling through downtown L.A. for the ninth Summit of the Americas. The female protester moved onto a street which was closed-off with a bullhorn before she was quickly tackled to the ground.

The protester who was resisting arrest managed to rip off one officer’s hat and sunglasses. The protester also appeared NOT to be a Trump supporter and was someone who was just protesting for abortion rights, so she will likely just get a slap on the wrist for her out of control stunt.

“Get the f— off me!” she shouted.

In a statement the Secret Service explained that the motorcade was in no way affected and everything else went smoothly. They added that their investigation is still ongoing.