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VIDEO: GOP Governor Makes Democrats Cry

It looks like Democrats hate seeing America safe!

On Saturday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott shared a video of the ongoing construction of a border barrier between Texas and Mexico enraging Democrats. Abbott emphasized the continuous progress of the wall’s construction, stating, “Texas border wall construction is in progress in Maverick County and along the entire Texas-Mexico border.” He also highlighted that the border crisis, as he sees it, remains a pressing issue, saying, “President Joe Biden’s border challenges persist, and Texas remains steadfast in addressing them.”

According to Newsmax, In his recent efforts to discourage migration to his state, Abbott announced last week that the border barrier would extend not only along the Texas-Mexico border but also along the shared border with New Mexico. This decision came after Abbott observed that a significant number of migrants who were prevented from reaching Texas had entered the United States through New Mexico.

In a post made the previous Sunday, Abbott stated that Texas had implemented “fencing along the New Mexico border.” He noted that the barriers in the El Paso region had diverted illegal border crossings into New Mexico, from where migrants entered El Paso. To counter this, Texas is now constructing a barrier along the New Mexico border.

In an official press release dated October 13, Abbott’s office outlined “Operation Lone Star,” Texas’s initiative to combat the migrant crisis. This operation has resulted in over 479,000 apprehensions of undocumented immigrants and the confiscation of more than 432 million deadly fentanyl doses. The press release criticized the Biden administration’s border policies, claiming that the operation was necessary to fill the gaps created by the administration’s reluctance to secure the border.

On October 6, The New York Times reported that, despite the Biden administration’s stated position against border walls, it had decided to construct 20 miles of wall in Texas’s Rio Grande Valley. It’s worth noting that the U.S.-Mexico border spans approximately 1,954 miles.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas affirmed the administration’s stance on border walls, saying, “From the beginning, this administration has been clear that a border wall is not the solution.” Mayorkas maintained this position during an interview with a Mexican news outlet in Mexico City, as reported by The Times.