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Trump Warns Democrats


Is Trump right?

During a recent rally to promote the candidates he has endorsed in Pennsylvania, former President Donald Trump said something that has enraged Democrats.

According to Newsmax, during the rally Trump coined the Republican Party as the “party of common sense” and the “party of the American dream.”

During his speech in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, Trump boldly announced, “We have a country that’s in big trouble. Tuesday’s primary results: They’re just the latest proof that we have transformed the face of the Republican Party. Thank goodness.”


Trump then enraged liberals and said, “We are now the working people’s party. But we’re really the party of everyone. We’re the party, you know what? We’re the party of common sense.”

Trump added, “Joe Biden and the radical left Democrats have turned calm to chaos, competence into incompetence, and stability into anarchy, prosperity into poverty, and security into a catastrophe.”

“Democrats are the party of crime, the party of chaos, and the party of death,” Trump added. “They are, whether you hate saying it or like saying it: They’re the party of death.”