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Pelosi Attacks Her Own Nephew


Pelosi was heated.

It not appears that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has opened fire on her own nephew California Governor Gavin Newsom after he criticized Democrat leaders for not doing enough to protect abortion.

According to Fox, the drama began when Newsom recently went to a Planned Parenthood and gave a speech saying, “Where is the Democratic Party? Why aren’t we calling this out? This is a concerted, coordinated effort, and, yes they’re winning. We need to stand up. Where’s the counter-offensive?”

Pelosi heard Newsom’s blistering comments and fired back saying, “We have been fighting against the Republicans in the Congress constantly.”


Pelosi didn’t stop there she then said, “Because the fact is they’re not just anti a woman’s right to choose in terms of terminating a pregnancy, but in terms of access to contraception and family planning and the rest, both domestically and globally. This is a constant fight that we’ve had for generations – decades, I should say, in my case, in the Congress.”

Later she then called out Newsom directly and said, “I have no idea why anybody would make that statement unless they were unaware of the fight that has been going on.”