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Biden and Kamala Abandon Hawaii Victims

This is a very strange decision.

President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have opted not to travel to Maui in the aftermath of the catastrophic wildfires. The reason for this decision, as articulated by Vice President Harris, is to avoid diverting attention and resources from the ongoing rescue operations. Despite this, concerns remain as more than 1,000 individuals are still unaccounted for.

According to the NY Post, Vice President Harris addressed reporters prior to her departure on Air Force Two to Chicago, emphasizing their intention not to detract from the crucial focus on aiding the victims and aiding first responders in their dedicated efforts. She conveyed their commitment to coordinating federal resources promptly to assist with recovery and to provide support on the ground.

Recently, President Biden declared the islands a federal disaster area, and CNN confirmed the allocation of food and water resources to sustain 5,000 individuals for a five-day period. However, amidst these efforts, the search and rescue operations persist as authorities estimate that over 1,000 people remain missing. Maui County Mayor Richard Bissen, in an interview with the TODAY Show, expressed the likelihood of an increase in the count of deceased victims. The current toll only encompasses those located outside of structures. The progression of FEMA’s search within the burnt structures is awaited.

Beyond the toll of the missing and deceased, thousands of residents have been displaced as their homes succumbed to the flames. Videos have emerged depicting the dire situation, including families with young children seeking refuge in the ocean as ashes and debris shower down upon them. Unfortunately, the rescue and relief missions face substantial challenges due to extensive power and communication disruptions. Lauren Henrie, a communications consultant for Maui Rescue Mission, conveyed the severity of the situation, emphasizing that areas west of Maalaea are completely cut off from communication and power.

While President Biden and Vice President Harris chose not to visit the disaster site, Oprah Winfrey has already been observed participating in volunteer efforts at a relief shelter.