Sunday, May 22, 2022
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Democrats Vow Revenge

This is scary.

It is now apparent that everyone from Democratic lawmakers to even their aides are now promising the American people that it is only a matter of time before they change the Senate filibuster which would completely block the minority party’s ability to stop legislation from being passed.

Democrats are still angry at Fellow Democrat Sen. Kyrsten Sinema for blocking their previous attempt to change the filibuster and are now gearing up to take another shot at in the near future.

According to The Hill, Senator Chuck Schumer’s aide, Brian Fallon, stated, “I really do think Sinema and Manchin are the last two members of the Senate Democratic Caucus that will ever support keeping the filibuster in its current form.”

“It’s hard to imagine anybody getting elected in the future that won’t arrive on a platform of getting rid of the filibuster,” he further explained.

What Democrats are forgetting however is that while most Republicans are against this change, Republicans are bound to one day be in charge of Congress once again and Democrats could be making a short sighted decisions that could turn out badly for them in the long run.


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