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Trump Vows To Lockdown D.C.


Trump isn’t playing anymore games with these insane Democrats.

Former President Trump announced on Sunday his intention to incorporate Washington, D.C. into his election platform, emphasizing the need to “clean up, revamp, and reconstruct” the nation’s capital, which he described as a “crime-ridden death trap.” He posted this declaration on Truth Social and linked to a Breitbart News article highlighting concerns from D.C. residents about increasing crime rates in the city.

In transcript provided by Newsmax, Trump wrote, “Washington(D.C.) has become a dirty, crime ridden death trap, that must be taken over and properly run by the Federal Government. It is, and will be, part of my Election Platform. We will clean it, renovate and rebuild it – and, most importantly, MAKE IT SAFE. Right now it is probably the most unsafe capital city anywhere in the World.”

Trump cited the article as evidence that he would not receive a fair trial in Washington, D.C., especially in the context of his election interference trial. He argued, “With this in mind, there is NO WAY I can get a fair trial on a Biden, Election Interference Indictment, in D.C.” He further expressed his intention to request a change of venue should the case move forward.

This isn’t the first time Trump has advocated for a venue change. In a previous statement, he suggested West Virginia as a more impartial location for his trial, asserting that it would be more balanced in terms of the jury pool. One of Trump’s lawyers, John Lauro, also endorsed this idea in an NPR interview.


Trump’s call for a change of venue comes after his indictment by a Washington grand jury on four charges linked to his alleged efforts to overturn the 2020 election. The indictment from the Justice Department accuses Trump of orchestrating a campaign involving “dishonesty, fraud, and conceit” to obstruct a fundamental function of democracy. It includes four counts related to conspiracy to defraud the United States and his role in attempts to prevent the certification of votes on January 6, 2021.

In recent developments, Trump has requested the dismissal of these charges, claiming presidential immunity as protection. The Department of Justice has countered, arguing that no one, including a former president, is above federal criminal laws.

Furthermore, Trump is currently confronting three other criminal cases in Florida, New York, and Georgia, all related to alleged misconduct. Additionally, a civil case in New York accuses him of fraud in his business dealings spanning over a decade.

Despite these legal challenges, Trump continues to maintain a substantial lead over his GOP rivals, with an average of nearly 59 percent support in recent polls. In hypothetical match-up surveys against President Biden, the results indicate a closely contested race, with both candidates receiving similar levels of support.