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Democrats Pin New Charge On Trump


This is getting crazy!

On Friday (March 17), the House Oversight and Accountability Committee Democrats released a report showing that former President Donald Trump and his family members didn’t disclose the over 100 gifts totaling $300,000 they received during Trump’s turn in the Oval Office.

The report comes nearly nine months after the Committee requested the National Archive provide records in June, prompted by a White House report.

The White House report identified 117 undisclosed gifts to Trump and his family members, including the former First Lady Melania Trump, Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump, and Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner.

The former President’s youngest son Barron Trump in addition to Kushner and Ivanka Trump’s children, were also listed as recipients of the undisclosed gifts.

The President and his family aren’t allowed to accept personal gifts over $415 from foreign governments. Legislation dictates that gifts exceeding that value should be accepted on behalf of the United States and must be publicly disclosed and handed over to the National Archives.


After Trump exited the Oval Office, the State Department revealed there were “items of significant value” missing from Trump’s time in the White House.

The report detailed that there was also a “lack of accurate recordkeeping and appropriate physical security controls,” which it states resulted in “the loss of the gifts.”

A separate report released later also revealed Trump’s office had failed to provide a list of foreign gifts for the former President’s last year in office.

The House Oversight and Accountability report details raises concerns about “potential undue influence,” explaining that the Trump family had received thousands in gifts from foreign nations but failed to comply with the mandatory disclosure.

These include $45,000 in gifts from Saudi, $47,000 in gifts from India, and $3,400 in gifts from China.