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Trump’s New Immigration Plan Leaves Democrats Shaking


Democrats are not happy about this one.

If former President Donald Trump were to return to the White House, he has outlined an extensive and groundbreaking strategy to address the challenges at the southern border and mitigate the ongoing migrant crisis that has transpired under President Joe Biden, as reported by Axios.

According to Newsmax, one element of Trump’s immigration agenda, should he secure victory in the upcoming presidential election, would be the completion of the border wall—an issue of paramount importance during his 2016 campaign. This forms just a fraction of his comprehensive plan. Presently, he holds a substantial lead as the primary contender for the Republican presidential nomination.

Stephen Miller, a key advisor to Trump, emphasized that for those who are deeply committed to fortifying the immigration system, the initial 100 days of a renewed Trump administration would be marked by considerable contentment. This would be followed by an additional four years characterized by resolute and impactful measures, Miller explained.

Trump’s proposed strategy encompasses various measures, including reinstating the “Remain in Mexico” policy through cooperation with Mexico. This policy previously required asylum seekers to await their court hearings south of the border. Trump also aims to reintroduce the Title 42 public health order, utilized during the pandemic to combat child trafficking.


However, Trump’s blueprint for securing the southern border and stemming the influx of illegal migrants and narcotics into the United States encompasses the following elements:

  • Identifying drug cartels as “unlawful enemy combatants,” thereby enabling the U.S. military to target them within Mexico.
  • Deploying the Navy and Coast Guard in regions off the coasts of the U.S. and Latin America to intercept drug smuggling vessels.
  • Facilitating the deportation of criminal gang members and other offenders using a provision of the 1798 Alien and Sedition Acts.
  • Enforcing existing U.S. legislation that restricts the entry of individuals adhering to communist ideologies. Trump’s objective is to reject applicants classified as “Marxists.”
  • Imposing restrictions on individuals from specific nations, particularly those whose citizens have displayed high rates of remaining in the U.S. beyond their visa expirations. Under the previous administration, individuals from several predominantly Muslim or African countries were barred from entry.
  • Endeavoring to terminate birthright citizenship for the offspring of undocumented immigrants.

Axios also reported Trump’s intentions to extend the implementation of floating barriers in the Rio Grande, a project initiated in Texas, and to finalize construction of the wall spanning the 1,954-mile southern border. Approximately 452 miles of fencing were established during Trump’s previous tenure.

In terms of bolstering the screening process for prospective immigrants’ ideologies, Trump’s proposal would involve scrutinizing their social media profiles, according to a reliable source disclosed to Axios.

Furthermore, the former president envisions requiring certain migrants to pay entrance bonds and mandating proof of adequate health insurance for those seeking entry into the U.S., as detailed by the outlet.