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VIDEO: Biden’s Past Comes Back To Haunt Him

Biden probably wishes he didn’t say this.

In the early 1990s, President Biden made a significant statement during a speech at the Detroit College of Law. At the time, he was a U.S. senator from Delaware, having served for over 35 years. Speaking to law students about the importance of selecting Supreme Court justices, Biden mentioned that their decisions would have a lasting impact beyond his own and other presidents’ time in office.

According to Fox, Biden, who was approximately 50 years old then, remarked, “The decision will affect what happens in this country long after Senator Biden is gone, long after President Bush is gone, long after President Reagan’s administrations are forgotten.” He even speculated about the year 2020, envisioning landmark decisions made by Justice David Souter, who he hoped would live as long as the average age of Supreme Court justices. Biden predicted that by 2020, he would likely be “dead and gone.”

However, recent resurfaced footage by the New York Post showed that Biden’s predictions were incorrect on both counts. Justice Souter retired in 2009 after nearly two decades of service, and President Biden is still alive today, having reached the age of 81.

As Biden’s age became a topic of concern among Americans, including some within his own party, questions arose about his ability to lead the nation effectively as he grew older. Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips, a Democrat, suggested that it might be time for Biden to retire gracefully and make way for a new generation of leaders.

Others also pointed out noticeable differences in Biden’s performance, observing gaffes and mishaps during public appearances. Even Biden himself acknowledged last October that questions about his age were “totally legitimate” and emphasized that people should watch his actions to judge whether he had slowed down or lost his pace.

During a recent trip to Lithuania to support Ukraine amid its conflict with Russia, Biden made multiple speaking gaffes, including confusing the two nations and their leaders. These incidents have contributed to the ongoing discussions and concerns about his ability to lead effectively.