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Biden’s Plan Backfires, Americans Pay The Price


This man is out of control.

A few weeks ago we reported to you that President Biden was planning on traveling to Saudi Arabia to beg for more oil by asking them to increase their oil production.

Now it appears that President Biden’s plan to beg is going to go to waste because it appears that Saudi officials have already indicated that they will not abandon their oil production alliance with Russia for President Biden.

According to Newsweek, President Biden is preparing to travel to the Middle East for the first time since taking office by first landing in Israel. His final visit will be to Saudi Arabia and will desperately ask them to increase oil production however it is extremely unlikely that they will.


Early into his presidency, Biden vowed to turn Saudi Arabia into a pariah state however it seems like Biden is slowly turning his own country, the United States, into the pariah state.

Last year, President Biden refused to speak to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman but now it appears that he will have to if he has any chance of them increasing their oil production.

President Biden and the Democrats keep claiming that they are doing everything in their power to lower gas prices however Americans haven’t seen any results yet. Will the Biden Administration really keep gas at an all time high until 2024? Only time will tell.