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VIDEO: Biden’s Disgusting Comment To World Leader


Okay, this is dowright gross.

During a banquet at Dublin Castle on Thursday evening, President Biden received a round of applause when he expressed his desire to work with Irish leaders and “lick the world” with them.

In transcript provided by Fox, Biden stated, “There’s nothing, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart – there’s nothing our nations can’t achieve if we do it together. I really mean it.”

So, thank you all. God bless you all. And let’s go – let’s go la- – lick the world. Let’s get it done. Thank you,” Biden then shockingly said.

The audience responded to President Biden’s statement with enthusiastic applause and a standing ovation.


The term “licking” has multiple meanings, one of which refers to defeating someone easily in a competition or fight, as stated in the Cambridge online dictionary. However, many online users interpreted President Biden’s comment in a different way and they weren’t wrong to do so.

After President Biden’s unusual comment, videos of the speech circulated online, and many Twitter users expressed confusion by posting comments such as “huh” and “what.”

“The gift that just keeps giving,” one Twitter user wrote.

The banquet occurred a few hours after a video of President Biden being playfully barked at by the President of Ireland’s dog, Misneach, went viral on social media.

President Biden’s recent gaffe occurred only a few days after he mistakenly referred to the All Blacks, a New Zealand rugby team, as the Black and Tans, a British police force group notorious for their brutal tactics during the occupation of Ireland in the 1920s.