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Biden Secret Service In Trouble


Everyone in Biden’s administration is unprofessional.

Once again, another Secret Service agent was kicked out of a foreign nation for misconduct before President Biden’s arrival.

According to Axios, a Secret Service agent was kicked out of Israel after he was detained for allegedly getting into a “physical encounter” said the Secret Service.

Secret Service agents were sent to Israel just before President Biden’s visit to kick off his tour to several major countries with the last visit being in Saudi Arabia. It was learned that the secret service agent was “detained and questioned by Israeli police” last Monday according to a spokesperson for the agency.


The secret service agent who was arrested was eventually released without facing any charges and it was also explained that there were no allegations of any sexual assault happening.

The secret service agent is accused of assaulting a woman outside of a bar in Jerusalem reported an Israeli media source.

“In accordance with agency protocol, his access to Secret Service systems and facilities was suspended pending further investigation,” the Secret Service said.

President Biden has not addressed this issue and it is unlikely that he will. These types of things didn’t happen under former President Donald Trump’s watch.