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Trump’s Fake Video Goes Insanely Viral

Now this is funny.

Donald Trump openly ridiculed Ron DeSantis’ 2024 campaign announcement on the internet, as it encountered numerous technical challenges. He expressed his criticism by sharing a video on social media where the Florida governor was seen participating in a simulated Twitter Space alongside fictional representations of Adolf Hitler, the Devil, and George Soros, created through artificial intelligence.

According to Newsweek, Ron DeSantis, widely regarded as the primary contender against Trump in the 2024 GOP race, made an official announcement about his presidential candidacy. However, the method he chose—a conversation on Twitter’s audio feature with Elon Musk, the platform’s owner—was heavily criticized and widely regarded as “disastrous.”

During the online campaign announcement, various technical issues plagued the event as the website’s servers struggled to handle the overwhelming traffic. The audio frequently experienced prolonged interruptions, conversations were marred by echoes, and significant feedback disrupted the already glitchy livestream. Consequently, the momentous declaration by DeSantis became exceptionally challenging to follow at times due to these complications.

Eventually, the stream even cut out completely for nearly 30 minutes.

Trump wasted no time in mocking DeSantis on multiple occasions through his social media presence following the campaign announcement. One instance involved Trump sharing a video depicting a fabricated Twitter Space, where the Florida governor was depicted attempting to launch his campaign alongside manipulated representations of notorious personalities and figures associated with right-wing fears. Although the video contained explicit language, it was subsequently reposted on Twitter.

Watch the hilarious but fake video posted by Trump below: