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Democrats Strip 2nd Amendment Rights


Do Democrats hate the 2nd Amendment? Seems like it.

It is anticipated that the Democratic governor of Washington will approve an “assault weapons” prohibition, which would prevent inhabitants from buying numerous semi-automatic rifles immediately.

According to Fox, on Wednesday, following the passage of House Bill 1240 by legislators, Democratic Governor Jay Inslee tweeted that Washington state does not and will not tolerate gun violence as a norm.

House Bill 1240, which was passed by the Washington State Senate earlier this month and then approved by the House of Representatives with a 56-42 vote, prohibits the sale, production, and importation of “assault weapons,” mainly semi-automatic rifles, with exceptions for military and law enforcement.

Proponents of gun control have faced challenges in defining the term “assault weapons,” but House Bill 1240 bans over 60 particular firearms, the majority of which are semi-automatic long guns like AR-15s and AK-47s. While certain features outlined in the bill could result in the prohibition of semi-automatic pistols and shotguns, the specific firearms are not mentioned.


Once signed by Governor Inslee, the ban will go into effect immediately.

According to the bill, “assault weapons” are civilian models of weapons produced for the military, intended to eliminate human targets quickly and effectively.

The prohibition is a component of the gun control package that Governor Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson advanced during this legislative session. Earlier, legislators passed a bill that mandates a 10-day waiting period for all firearm transactions, requires mandatory firearms safety training for potential gun purchasers, and another bill granting the state the authority to sue gun manufacturers.

Governor Inslee tweeted, “Our legislation to prohibit the sale of assault weapons, implement training prerequisites and waiting periods, and enhance accountability for manufacturers and vendors will be life-saving.”

One of the amendments made by the Senate to House Bill 1240 enables gun dealers to sell their existing inventory, which was in their possession before January 1, 2023, to out-of-state buyers for a period of 90 days following the implementation of the law.