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Biden’s Shameful Secret Leaked


Biden is unfit to be our leader.

In a recent interview with Fox’s Maria Bartiromo, Republican Rep. Mike Gallagher raised a number of questions about President Biden and the White House’s decision making process when it came to Ukraine’s invasion.

Rep. Gallagher then reached the conclusion that everyones biggest concerns were true and President Biden’s White House is “afraid” of provoking Russian President Vladimir Putin.


In transcript provided by Breitbart, Rep. Gallagher stated, “Putin invaded Ukraine despite the threats by the Biden administration to punish him with sanctions. They relied entirely on nonmilitary instruments of national power to dissuade Putin, and Putin was not dissuaded. Right now, we’re dealing with another issue. The Pentagon, in our opinion, as the lead Republican on the Armed Services Committee, Mike Rogers, pointed out in our hearing the other day, is not moving fast enough to provide the Ukrainians with the S-300 air defense systems, which will only grow more important if indeed the Russians renew their offensive on Kyiv and other cities throughout the country. So, there’s much more we can do, but the Biden administration repeatedly has gotten caught flat-footed. They’re constantly responding to events, and it’s their fear of provoking Putin that too often is dictating their decisions. We need to stop playing just not to lose. We need to play to win and provide Zelensky with the support he needs.”

Gallagher then admited, “It is that fear of provoking Putin, Maria. That’s dictated all their actions from the start and, I think, hamstrung our response.”