Sunday, May 22, 2022
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Biden Gets Rescued?

What a joke!

In a recent interview with Fox News, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NJ) attempted to do damage control and save President Joe Biden from the Afghanistan catastrophe that he created by saying it was a good idea to withdraw U.S. troops.

Apparently now Democrats don’t seem to understand that difference between the decision to leave Afghanistan and completely botching the pullout of Afghanistan.

According to Breitbart, Rep. Jeffries stated, “First of all, you know, our hearts break for the tragic loss of those 13 brave members of the military who gave their life in service to this country and paid the ultimate sacrifice. I think the decision to withdraw from Afghanistan was the right one. Certainly, it has been a tumultuous few weeks, though it is important to note that more than 114,000 Americans and Afghan allies and women and vulnerable children have been evacuated over the last two weeks. That is an extraordinary accomplishment, thanks to our military and the administration. And that actually is an example of American exceptionalism as well, and that shouldn’t get lost in the totality of what we have witnessed.”

Jeffries then repeated Biden’s message and said “every American who wants to depart” Afghanistan will be safely withdrawn. We are still waiting to see that happen.


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