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Trump Officially Faces Jail Time?


Is Trump’s freedom under question now? Sadly, it appears so.

A former attorney has expressed concerns that Donald Trump may face legal consequences for his recent actions, suggesting that he could potentially be subject to jail time. This situation arises from his apparent violation of a gag order imposed on him.

According to Newsweek, the former president utilized the Truth Social platform to criticize several key individuals involved in his federal election subversion criminal case, which was done after Judge Tanya Chutkan reinstated the gag order. This order restricts Trump’s ability to make public statements about the case. The gag order was put in place due to concerns raised by prosecutors that Trump’s comments could potentially intimidate witnesses or incite harm against prosecutors.

Under the terms of the gag order, Trump is prohibited from targeting court personnel, potential witnesses, or the special counsel, Jack Smith, and his team in any public statements. However, Trump disregarded these restrictions, directing criticism at Smith and Judge Chutkan in his social media posts.


Former White House lawyer Ty Cobb, in response to Trump’s actions, suggested that the former president could face a brief period of incarceration for violating the gag order. He stated, “I think it’s going to take that…I think it’ll take that to stop him.”

It’s worth noting that earlier, Trump had been fined $10,000 for breaching a gag order in a separate civil fraud lawsuit by making derogatory comments about the judge. Cobb pointed out that the current case is a federal matter, which may entail more severe penalties than a simple fine. He believed that Judge Chutkan might impose a more significant penalty, possibly leading to Trump spending a night or a weekend in jail.

Trump has repeatedly expressed his dissatisfaction with the gag order, claiming that it infringes on his right to free speech and hampers his ability to discuss the case, especially on the campaign trail. Currently, he is faced with two gag orders, preventing him from discussing various aspects of his legal cases in public.

It’s become very clear that these twisted Democrats want nothing more than to silence Trump.