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Trump Jr. Exposes Kamala’s Sad Secret


Democrats can’t keep acting like everything is fine.

On Monday night, Donald Trump Jr. expressed his views on Newsmax, highlighting a shift within the Democratic party where they are now openly discussing what was previously an unspoken concern: Vice President Kamala Harris is proving to be a more significant challenge than they initially anticipated.

According to Newsmax, Trump Jr. pointed out that Democrats are finally vocalizing their long-standing reservations. His comments were prompted by Vice President Harris’ recent “60 Minutes” interview, during which she was questioned about the support of Democrat donors in the event something were to happen to President Joe Biden.

Trump Jr. explained, “I think it’s certainly the first time they’re saying it out loud. I think that’s sort of been an unspoken rule amongst D.C. She’s incapable of giving an interview without the hyena-cackling laughter at her own jokes on things that aren’t really even remotely funny. She’s got no personality.”


“She garnered less than 1% support in the Democratic primary, but she met certain criteria, and that’s how Democrats operate these days,” he told Bolling. “However, I believe this approach won’t serve them well in the long run. The unspoken understanding in Washington is that she has turned out to be a more significant liability than anyone initially imagined.”

Trump Jr. was also questioned about the potential candidacy of California Governor Gavin Newsom in 2024 within the Democratic party.

Trump Jr. added, “I don’t know what’s with the Democrats that they can’t seem to find someone who can actually just stand up on the world stage and not fall on their face. That seems a little bit odd. That said, I don’t think the American people want Californication. They don’t want to turn into California.”