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Trump’s Ties To Putin Revealed?


Here’s what happened…

In an interview with the Financial Times, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie expressed his views on former President Trump, stating that Trump has an admiration for authoritarian leaders and secretly desires to be like Putin in America. Christie claimed that Trump would have no qualms about handing over Ukraine to Russia and has consistently praised Putin as a strong leader and a friend.

According to The Hill, Trump has been vocal in his criticism of the Biden administration’s actions in Ukraine, even suggesting that he could resolve the conflict within 24 hours. Christie highlighted Trump’s consistent pattern of longing for dictatorial powers and expressed concern over his aspirations to be a dictator in the United States.


Christie and Trump, who were once allies and presidential candidates, have been engaged in an ongoing feud. Christie has been the most vocal and consistent critic of Trump among the Republican candidates. Trump’s admiration for Putin has drawn criticism from other GOP contenders, including his former Vice President Mike Pence.

Lately, Trump and Christie have exchanged personal attacks regarding weight and financial troubles. Christie revealed that one of the main goals of his candidacy is to prevent Trump’s return to power, stating that the prospect of not trying to stop it would keep him up at night.

Current polling averages indicate that Christie is significantly trailing behind Trump in the GOP primary race, with an average support of about 3 percent.