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VIDEO: Biden Goes Bananas On Camera


Has Biden lost his minds?!?

President Biden’s live televised interview with MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace took an unexpected turn when he decided to leave the set before the commercial break. The interview primarily revolved around Biden’s reaction to the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling against affirmative action. Following a series of easy questions that lasted nearly 20 minutes, Biden got up from his chair and exited the MSNBC set, walking behind Wallace as she hinted at forthcoming analysis of the interview. This incident quickly gained widespread attention, generating viral discussions and eliciting various reactions from commentators.

Conservative strategist Steve Guest couldn’t contain his astonishment, exclaiming, “WHAT ON EARTH IS JOE BIDEN DOING? It’s live TV!” Meanwhile, Substack writer Jim Treacher humorously commented, “YOU sit in the chair, YOU smile at the pretty lady, YOU stay until we come get you.” Former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker summed up the incident, stating, “The Biden Presidency in one clip.” Media Research Center’s associate editor Nicholas Fondacaro wondered if Biden had taken a bathroom break during the interview.

During the MSNBC interview, not much substantive content was covered. Biden mainly focused on clarifying his earlier comment criticizing the conservative-leaning Supreme Court as “not normal.” Wallace, displaying her enthusiastic support for Biden, asked him other questions that were not particularly challenging. These questions included whether the Supreme Court should undergo reform, why former President Trump had not faced prosecution for his involvement in the January 6 riot, and what the late Sen. John McCain would think of the present-day Republican Party.

One notable absence from the interview was any discussion of the ongoing controversy surrounding President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. Hunter Biden had recently agreed to plead guilty to two misdemeanor tax violations and entered into a pretrial diversion agreement regarding a felony gun registration charge. Additionally, explosive allegations made by IRS whistleblowers regarding the Department of Justice’s handling of the investigation were left unaddressed.