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Biden’s Border Chief Gets Impeached?


He has to get impeached after this.

In the aftermath of Border Patrol Agent Raul Ortiz’s explosive testimony, which the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee labeled “earth-shattering,” Republicans on the committee are aiming to increase the pressure on President Biden’s DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Sadly for Mayorkas, Impeachment is looking more likely than ever.

According to Fox, during the committee’s field hearing in McAllen, Texas, on Wednesday, Ortiz was the primary witness and openly disagreed with the administration on various issues. Ortiz expressed disagreement with President Biden’s decision to cease wall construction, revealed that certain policies were impeding agents’ ability to carry out their duties, and supported agents who had been wrongly accused of using whips against Haitian migrants.

This was a major blow to both President Biden and Mayorkas who haven’t been doing their job to keep the country safe.


Lawmakers were particularly struck by Ortiz’s assertion that the US lacks operational control over the border, a statement that contradicted Mayorkas’ previous testimony, and the revelation that numerous sectors are struggling to manage the unprecedented influx of migrants.

“In five of those nine southwest border sectors, we have seen an increase in flow and that has caused a considerable strain on our resources and really has forced the Border Patrol to move so agents and even migrants to some of the other areas,” Ortiz confessed.

The Biden administration has been refuting the Republican narrative that holds the administration’s policies responsible for the border crisis. On Wednesday, the DHS released a statement highlighting the department’s crucial role in enforcing laws, securing borders, and combatting cartels and smugglers. The statement also pointed to testimony from Ortiz and other witnesses that highlighted the positive impact of new programs, technology, and investments in managing the crisis.

It’s sad to say but President Biden and the Democrats are flat out lying about the border. They must to do something to fix the border quickly and the first step to take is to impeach Alejandro Mayorkas immediately.