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HUGE: Pelosi Allowed COVID-19 To Spread In DC

HUGE: Pelosi Allowed COVID-19 To Spread In DC


Everything Democrats touch turns into a disaster…

If this doesn’t prove to you that Democrats want only the worst for America then nothing will.

It is now being reported that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi actually turned down the offer to have COVID-19 testing on Capitol Hill!

According to Breitbart, House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) verified a statement made by Rep. Rodney Davis (R-IL) where he exposed Pelosi for sabotaging any efforts to set up COVID-19 testing for DC politicians.


Liberals claimed Rep. Davis was lying. “Congressman [Rodney] Davis is exactly correct,” Scalise said. “These protocols have been out there and the testing capabilities have been out there for a long time. They were offered to the Speaker and she turned it down. And I think it’s something that should have been in Congress for a few weeks now. But you know, ultimately, that’s what the Speaker decided to do.”

Currently, President Trump, Melania Trump, Republican Chris Christie, Kellyanne Conway, Sen. Ron Johnson and more have contracted COVID-19.

Is Pelosi Responsible For Politicians Contracting COVID?