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Biden Rejects Catholics


This issue has raised huge controversy for Biden.

Catholic Americans expressed growing dismay as President Biden once again diverged from Catholic Church doctrine publicly on Monday. This ongoing departure from traditional teachings has led to accusations labeling Biden as a “cafeteria Catholic” throughout his presidency. This criticism resurfaced notably this week after the Vatican issued a declaration reaffirming its stance against “gender theory,” surrogacy, and other progressive social movements. In response, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre emphasized Biden’s backing of the transgender community and its rights.

Joshua Mercer, the vice president of Catholic Vote, echoed Pope Francis’s emphasis on the inherent dignity of all individuals as creations in the image of God. Mercer highlighted the Pope’s reaffirmation of the binary understanding of gender, stating that altering one’s body is not the solution to gender dysphoria.

However, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops refrained from commenting on the White House’s rebuttal to the Vatican’s declaration. Meg Kilgannon, a Catholic and senior fellow at the Family Research Council, expressed deep concern over Biden’s evolving stance on social issues, particularly citing his shift on the Hyde Amendment regarding taxpayer-funded abortions.


Kilgannon noted that Biden’s alignment with the Church’s teachings has been inconsistent, especially evident in his abandonment of the Hyde Amendment in 2019. She criticized the administration for its departure from Church doctrine on issues like abortion and gender identity.

Kilgannon revealed that Bishop Michael Burbidge of Arlington, Virginia, has actively encouraged parishes to address the Vatican’s declaration titled “Dignitas Infinita.”

Biden faced significant backlash from Catholics on social media following the Vatican’s statement. Critics accused him of elevating his personal beliefs above those of the Pope and the Church. The tension between prominent Catholics and Church doctrine has been a longstanding issue, with figures like Biden and Rep. Nancy Pelosi facing scrutiny over their divergent views.

Kilgannon stressed the importance of praying for leaders like Biden and Pelosi, expressing concern not just for their political positions but also for their spiritual well-being. She emphasized the need for Catholics to remain steadfast in their faith and to advocate for teachings aligned with Church doctrine.