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Trump Officially Wins His Hush Money Case?


Trump has dropped a bombshell on angry Democrats.

In the high-profile hush money legal battle, Trump confidently declared victory outside a Manhattan courthouse, asserting that the strength of his defense had already sealed the case’s outcome. He urged the presiding judge to consider dismissal, suggesting it would serve the public interest.

Trump, speaking on a Tuesday morning, expressed his belief in the case’s resolution, hinting at a swift conclusion. Despite the metaphorical ‘rest’ for the case, he humorously remarked on his own relentless energy and lack of rest.

His defense attorney had previously requested a dismissal, arguing the absence of any fraudulent business records or filings. The case, involving 34 counts of first-degree business record falsification, hinges on proving that the former President not only altered records concerning payments to an adult film actress but did so to commit or conceal another crime.

The defense maintained the integrity of the business filings, questioning the criminality of withholding a false narrative from the electorate.


The judge decided to deliberate on the dismissal motion at a later date, leaving the courtroom in anticipation.

The prosecution’s key witness, a former associate of the former President, confessed to embezzling funds from the organization, detailing how he inflated payments to a tech company to secure a larger reimbursement.

The same witness, considering a political venture, leveraged his notoriety while testifying. Meanwhile, a defense witness, previously a legal advisor to the key witness, faced a tense courtroom atmosphere, leading to a brief adjournment to address courtroom etiquette.

Trump, addressing the media, suggested that a dismissal could restore the judge’s esteem and hinted at the need for higher judicial intervention. He emphasized the gravity of the situation, with a major political figure subjected to weeks of trial during a politically charged period. The case’s proceedings continued to unfold, marked by legal strategies and dramatic courtroom exchanges.