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Democrats Panic After Trump Breaks New Record


Democrats have very big concerns heading into the November election.

In the political fundraising arena, former President Trump outperformed Biden’s April contributions by a significant margin, marking a downturn in the latter’s donation receipts for the month.

The Biden campaign, along with its party’s national committee, disclosed a collective fundraising effort exceeding $51 million in April, a stark contrast to the $90 million reported in the preceding month.

Conversely, Trump’s campaign, in conjunction with its party’s national committee, proudly announced an impressive $76 million raised in the same period.

Amidst legal proceedings that saw the former President in court, his campaign’s fundraising prowess was underscored by a family member and party co-chair, who pointed out the stark difference in financial momentum between the two political figures.

The narrative of unwavering support and growing grassroots backing was emphasized, with a forward-looking stance towards the November elections.

Despite Trump’s notable April success, the Biden campaign maintains a financial advantage, boasting the largest campaign reserve reported by any candidate from their party at this stage in an election cycle, amounting to $192 million.


The Trump campaign concluded March with a substantial but lesser $93.1 million in reserves, and while the April figures have yet to be disclosed, they are unlikely to surpass the incumbent’s.

The campaign manager for President Biden highlighted April’s fundraising as a testament to the sustained enthusiasm for the current administration, providing essential resources for campaign activities aimed at engaging and mobilizing voters.

In contrast, the former President’s campaign was characterized as inefficient in its spending and lacking in voter engagement efforts, with the incumbent’s campaign asserting its daily commitment to garnering voter support.

Historically, the incumbent’s campaign has consistently outpaced his opponent in monthly fundraising efforts.

A significant boost to Trump’s April fundraising was attributed to a single-day event hosted by a prominent investor, which alone contributed over $50 million to the campaign’s coffers.

This event was seen as a counter to a high-profile fundraiser for the incumbent, which took place at a renowned venue and featured notable political figures and celebrities, raising $26 million.

The Biden campaign, on the heels of these fundraising disclosures, proudly announced a cumulative total surpassing $473 million since the launch of the re-election campaign the previous year.