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VIDEO: Biden Family Disrespects U.S. Military


Absolutely sickening.

Not only does President Biden and his family not care about America’s top classified documents, but it also appears that the Biden family also does not care about the U.S. military.

According to Newsweek, that’s because earlier this week, President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden arrived back in Washington D.C. where he and his wife FAILED to salute a Marine after he stepped off of Marine One before walking back into the White House.

The viral video captured Biden ignoring an American Marine and has nearly a million views already!


One angry Americans wrote, “No one disrespects our great military more than the Biden’s.”

The video was filmed as President Biden was returning from the his vacation in Delaware for the weekend.

“Surely he felt compelled to click his heels together and cut a perfect knife-handed salute when he passed a uniform service member, right? Wrong.” another Twitter user wrote.