Tuesday, July 5, 2022
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Biden Weak Ahead Of War

This is not good.

Lets be honest, President Biden is the last person we need in a war-time situation but he is all we have right now.

Sadly, a major war is about to break out between Ukraine and Russia and President Biden has proven just how useless he is because he couldn’t even evacuate Afghanistan safely.

According to Fox News, President Biden is setting up to hold a phone call with Russia’s Vladimir Putin tomorrow morning in hopes of deescalating the current situation.

Furthermore, Ukrainian armed forces are “on edge” and “more stressed” than ever before.

The United States’ State Department is currently contacting some of the 30,000 American citizens who are currently in Ukraine and are urging them to quickly return back to the United States due to fear of deadly warfare.

President Biden will have to pull off some excellent negotiations with Putin if he wants to prevent him from invading. The U.S. and NATO have already warned of dire consequences if they choose to disobey orders and invade Ukraine.


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