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WATCH: Biden Suffers From Dementia On Stage


This man has lost all of his marbles.

President Biden recently visited Puerto Rico weeks after Hurricane Fiona did severe damage to the community and left millions of dollars worth of damage.

According to Fox, Biden went to Puerto Rico to survey the damages and meet with leaders where he eventually pledged to give $60 million.

Controversy came during his speech however when President Biden decided to tell the audience that he had “Puerto Rican roots” something which was never known before.

Biden’s handlers likely didn’t expect him to make such a foolish and outlandish comment.

Biden stated, “We have a very… large Puerto Rican population in Delaware. I was sort of raised in the Puerto Rican community at home, politically. We came here for a long time as part of both business and pleasure. I’m committed to this island.”

Since when did President Biden have any ties to the Puerto Rican community? Just because Biden saw a Hispanic person at some point during his childhood, that may or may not have even been Puerto Rican, he all the sudden has ties to their community? Biden is losing his mind.