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GOP Threatened Not To Impeach Biden


Oh, now they don’t want any impeachments?

With the midterms right around the corner, Democrats and the mainstream media are preparing their stories and trying to gather the narratives so they know how to change the opinions of Americans.

They have a strong feeling that Republicans will win big in the midterms and the Democrats and mainstream media want to work together to make sure they know how to control the news and narratives.

According to Breitbart, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough has already started focusing on the narrative when it came the Republican party’s plan for President Biden once they win majority and is warning them to not try to impeach Joe Biden.


It all began when Politico reporter Eugene Daniels stated, “Republicans are talking about investigating President Biden, his administration, and even his family if they are to take over the House. We wondered what’s happening in the White House, what’s happening in Biden world, how are they feeling? And what we found was they’re not as taking it as you would think. You know, no one wants the probes. No one is excited about getting the subpoena. But at the same time, they feel like there’s a really strong possibility that Republicans will overreach because of how long the list of the investigations that they are interested in doing.”

Scarborough responded, “I couldn’t agree more. I haven’t really thought about it that much. Looking forward to Republicans getting in there and impeaching Joe Biden. They talked about it. We had just said earlier in the show there are only two examples of the party out of power blowing it in midterm elections. One was after Sept. 11, where Republicans did much, much better than anybody expected, beat all the historical trends. The other, though, when I was there in 1998, during impeachment, Republicans were sure they going to do extraordinarily well. It blew up politically in their face, and Democrats and Bill Clinton did much better. We expected this to push Bill Clinton to the side. In the end, it cost Newt Gingrich his job. So impeachment, for the most part, makes the party base feel great. It is a political loser.”

It’s funny to see how scared Democrats are about the GOP coming for President Biden with the same tactics they used to impeach Donald Trump. Sadly for Democrats, there is a lot of things that Biden has gotten away with and he needs to be held accountable because no one is above the law.