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Biden Sends Illegals Across America


Get ready folks.

Just when we thought President Biden couldn’t mishandle the immigration crisis in America any more poorly, it has now been learned that Biden and DHS is looking for a way to spread illegals further across America.

According to Fox, The Biden Administration is now looking for a way to send illegals several hours away from the border and drop them off to local towns and neighborhoods.


Republican Rep. August Pfluger sounded the alarm on President Biden and DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ plan.

Pflunger explained to Mayorkas that his Texas town of San Angelo cannot take anymore migrants. Pflunger said, “San Angelo is a welcoming community, but the locality has not volunteered for this mission, nor are they responsible for the burdens of the border crisis.”

“This situation is a direct result of DHS’ shortsighted policies that encourage more illegal immigration and the agency’s failure to establish operational control of the southern border,” he then added.