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Biden Begs For Help


This is so pathetic.

After rumors began to swirl in the media that President Biden was heading to Saudi Arabia to beg them to produce more oil, National Economic Council (NEC) Director Brian Deese denied those accusations and said that Biden will not be begging them to produce more oil.

According to Newsmax, Deese denied claims that Biden was going to beg for oil and said, “What’s behind this is a very simple proposition, which is when it is U.S. interest for the president to engage with a foreign leader, he will do so.”


He then said, “We have significant interests, national security interests, in the region, as well as economic interests as well. He will vigorously represent American interests, while also vigorously representing American values.”

Conservatives however are claiming that Deese is lying. Biden has already asked Saudi leaders to produce more oil and has been rejected a number of times. It would be hard to believe that President Biden won’t beg them to produce more oil to lower gas prices across the country.