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Democrats Begin Push To Cancel Christmas

Democrats Begin Push To Cancel Christmas


These people are drunk with power.

In a stunning display of intolerance, California Gov. Gavin Newsom has just began a push to bring about a “drastic” escalation in government restrictions if the COVID-19 cases continue to rise.

According to the Washington Examiner, Pelosi’s beloved nephew Gov. Newsom claimed in a recent press conference that he believes ICU beds will run out by Christmas eve and a strict stay-at-home can be ordered and enforced within a week or so.

“This is the tipping point,” Newsom tweeted. “CA has worked hard to prepare for a surge — but we can’t sustain the record high cases we’re seeing.” The governor also encouraged Californians to “stay safe & stay home as much as you can for next few weeks.”

“If these trends continue, we’re going to have to take much more dramatic, arguably drastic action,” Newsome later added.

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