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Trump Wins Iowa, Media Censors It


The mainstream media is so angry they don’t even want to cover the news anymore and it’s hilarious.

On Monday night, MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow provided viewers with an explanation for the network’s decision to refrain from airing former President Trump’s speech following his significant victory in the Iowa caucuses. Maddow conveyed that, at that moment in the evening, the projected winner of the Iowa caucuses had commenced his victory speech. Without directly mentioning Trump by name, Maddow committed to monitoring the speech for any noteworthy or substantive information to keep viewers informed.

The anchor foolishly clarified that MSNBC, along with other news outlets, is committed to truthfulness. Maddow emphasized that the choice to withhold an unfiltered, live platform for Trump’s remarks is not driven by spite but rather stems from a dedication to journalistic integrity. She acknowledged the difficulty in making this decision but asserted that knowingly broadcasting untrue statements contradicts the fundamental principles of their news organization.


Maddow underscored the cost to MSNBC’s credibility when airing Trump’s “untrue” statements live on television. She assured viewers that the network would monitor the remarks and report any significant news that might emerge. Concurrently, on CNN, host Jake Tapper intervened during Trump’s speech, providing commentary on the president’s statements and the election results.

Trump, in an interview with Fox News Digital, expressed feeling “honored” and “invigorated” by his victory in the Iowa caucuses. He highlighted achievements during his administration, including U.S. energy independence, military rebuilding, and what he termed “the best economy ever.” Trump articulated plans to address border issues swiftly, pledging to replicate past successes.