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VIDEO: Democrat Forgets Pledge of Allegiance

How could this even happen?

A local Florida Democrat, Sabina Covo forgot the Pledge of Allegiance during her first city commission meeting after winning a special election.

Covo was elected as the Miami City District 2 commissioner on Feb. 27 following a special election. However, last week during her first meeting on March 9, she completely went blank when asked to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

In front of the room, Covo was asked to lead the meeting in the pledge of allegiance. The commission chairwoman then proceeded to whisper to Covo, “You don’t know it? Ok.”

Following a few moments of silence, the attendees and the commission’s chairwoman started saying the pledge in Covo’s place. Following the video being released online and gaining a lot of attention, Covo issued a statement that she had been nervous.

As she wrote, “When you feel a responsibility is that important, nervousness is very normal,” she continued to state that the “The oath and pledge” she took towards the residents of District 2 and the nation were still clear and she would honor her promise of bringing change to the community. She added that this is why she would not be focusing on the social media chatter but rather on having two legislations pass during her first commission meeting. These will include “one that will provide affordable housing to foster youth.”

The video of Covo led to a lot of criticism with the Florida GOP Twitter account calling her out for not knowing the Pledge of Allegiance, and stating that her inability to say the pledge was “Alarming.”