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Pelosi SLAPPED With Restraining Order

More people should get a restraining order for Pelosi.

In a shocking turn of events, retired Lt. General Michael Flynn has just filed for a restraining order against Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

According to the Gateway Pundit, Gen. Flynn is filing the restraining order because he is claiming that he did not organize, speak at, or even participate in the January 6th Capitol protest. However, Flynn is bothered because Republican traitor Liz Cheney and Speaker Pelosi continue to target and harass him about it.

The restraining order filed in Florida states, “Despite not participating in any public events in Washington on January 6, Defendants have issued General Flynn a sweeping subpoena seeking twenty different categories of documents and a demand that General Flynn appear for a deposition in Washington, D.C.

Flynn’s lawyers further noted, “The subpoena demands records of General Flynn’s communications about the 2020 election, and seeks to identify the basis for his beliefs and the persons with whom he associated, in addition to contacts with government officials. It thus constitutes a frontal assault on his 1 st Amendment rights to freedom of speech, association, and petition.

While it is unclear if Gen. Flynn will actually get a restraining order, one thing is clear. Speaker Pelosi, President Biden, and the January 6 Select Committee are not happy about this.