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Trump Ally Joins Biden Team

Trump says to never trust anyone and he’s right once again.

Anthony Scaramucci, the former White House comms director during a brief tenure under ex-President Trump, has expressed his intent to actively support President Biden in the scenario where Trump secures the GOP presidential nomination in 2024. In an interview on CNN, Scaramucci highlighted the crucial need to safeguard U.S. institutions before delving into partisan politics, citing Trump’s recent threats against political opponents.

Describing the impending political landscape as a war for democracy, Scaramucci voiced concerns about Trump’s potential expansion of executive power and his willingness to use the DOJ against adversaries. He stated unequivocally, “Should Donald Trump become the nominee, my priority is being a patriot first, Jim, and a partisan second.” Underscoring the importance of preserving the democratic experiment spanning over 200 years, Scaramucci emphasized the need to prioritize the protection and expansion of American democratic systems.

When asked by Acosta if this implied support for Biden more than Trump, Scaramucci affirmed, “Certainly. No, no, you didn’t mishear me.” He stressed the importance of conveying to the American people the potential consequences of Trump’s proposed actions, advocating for an institutionalist approach in the 2024 election to uphold and fortify the foundations of American democracy.

Scaramucci, known for his vocal criticism of Trump and holding the record for the shortest tenure as comms director in the Trump administration, underscored the necessity of selecting a leader who values and strives to preserve the existing system. He concluded by reaffirming his commitment to doing everything within his capacity to ensure that President Biden remains in office should the election come down to a choice between Trump and Biden.