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Trump-Hater Fani Willis Humiliated


Is Fani Willis done for? Let’s hope so.

Fani Willis, the district attorney in Georgia who filed charges against Trump for election interference, is under pressure to recuse herself from the case following allegations of an “inappropriate” intimate relationship with Nathan Wade who is a prosecutor. The call for recusal is voiced by Michael Moore, a former U.S. attorney appointed by Obama, who underscores the potential impact on the case’s integrity if the alleged relationship is substantiated.

Recent court documents assert that Willis enlisted Wade, her purported romantic partner, as a special prosecutor for the Trump case and received financial benefits, including extravagant vacations funded by fees earned by Wade’s firm for their involvement. Despite these claims, Willis has not officially addressed or refuted them.

Michael Roman, a co-defendant alongside Trump, has accused both persons Willis and Nathan Wade of partaking in an secret and inappropriate affair during the 2020 presidential election interference case. Roman, who was working for Trump’s 2020 campaign, argues that the alleged affair compromises the case’s integrity and has formally requested the dismissal of charges against him.


Expressing concern over the potential impact of the alleged relationship on the case’s credibility, Michael Moore, a Democrat appointed by Obama, suggests that if the allegations hold true, it would constitute an “unforced error.” He advises Willis to step away from the case to safeguard its integrity.

According to court records, Wade has received approximately $654,000 in fines since January 2022, a sum authorized by Willis. The filing also recommends the disqualification of the entire district attorney’s office, including both Willis and Wade, from prosecuting the case.

In August, Willis indicted Donald Trump, who pleaded not guilty to undermine the results of the 2020 presidential election in Georgia, including a violation of the state’s anti-racketeering law.