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CNN Throws Biden Under The Bus

CNN must be desperate for ratings.

You know things are bad when CNN starts trash talking Biden.

The people over at CNN have made millions if not billions over the last couple years dividing this country and gas lighting the American people. Now it appears that they have began throwing President Biden under the bus since they cannot continue making a living off of slandering former President Donald Trump.

During Biden’s recent interview with ABC’s David Muir, Biden can be heard multiple times mixing up the difference between COVID-19 at-home tests and antiviral pills. For Conservatives this is nothing new. Biden has been making mistakes ever since he decided to run in 2020 and Republicans are used to it. That’s why we say he us unfit.

Sadly, now CNN decided to point it out and now CNN’s Jeff Zeleny recently admitted that “Biden seems confused” and even blasted him for not taking any responsibility when it came to the pandemic.


CNN basically campaigned for Biden when he was running for office, why have they turned their backs on him now? Do the people over at CNN know something we don’t yet?