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Biden’s Catastrophic Failure


How much worse can things get?

From the moment President Biden has set foot into the White House, his approval rating has been on a downward trajectory along with the American economy.

Inflation is higher than most young Americans have ever seen in their lifetimes and geopolitical unrest is worse than it has been in decades.

The southern border crisis continues to get worse and violence across America is also at all time high. President Biden is hindering American progress and voters are noticing it.


Now it appears that things have gotten so bad that President Biden’s approval rating sits at 42% compared 43% in February.

According to Newsmax, the discovery of Biden’s dismal new polls numbers were found in a recent CBS News/YouGov poll.

What’s even worse is that a total of 58% of Americans said that they disapprove of the way President Biden has handled his job.

Inflation hit 7.9% in March which is the highest it has been since 1982.