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Trouble In MAGA World, Trump Allies Brawl


Division is growing.

It now appears the conflict is growing between MAGA Republicans in Congress, more specifically between Republicans Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lindsey Graham.

According to Insider, during a recent podcast, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene trashed Senator Lindsey Graham and accused him of being the reason that the Republican Party can’t “can’t have nice things.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene appears to be upset about Lindsey Graham’s close relationship and his personal support of President Biden.


Greene then knocked Graham for his recent tweet where he said he would be open to Biden’s gun control proposals. In his recent tweet, Graham said that he would be “ready to vote on ALL the proposals mentioned by President Biden tonight and encourage the Democratic Leader to bring them forward for votes.”

Greene slammed Graham and said, “He’s ready to vote for anything Joe Biden wants, he is ready to violate due process, and this is everything wrong with Republicans in the Republican Party. I’m calling out Senator Lindsey Graham, and I’m hoping every single one of you calls his office and tell him that he is breaking his promise.”

Greene then added, “We need to remind him that he needs to keep his promise to me. He needs to keep his promise to you. He needs to keep his promise to South Carolina.”