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Biden Puts America In Danger


Biden really messed up this time.

Thanks to Biden’s foolish mistake, the U.S. is now sprawling to replenish their military war chest.

John Kirby, the National Security Council’s coordinator for strategic communications, has stated that the Biden administration is collaborating with the defense industry to address concerns about the depleting supply of weapons by increasing munitions production.

According to Fox, in an interview with Shannon Bream on “Fox News Sunday,” Kirby highlighted the close partnership with the defense industry and the specific focus on ramping up artillery shell production. To bridge the gap in the interim, cluster munitions were provided to Ukraine, as mentioned in the Center for Strategic and International Studies report.


The report indicated that it could take between four and seven years to replace inventories of ammunitions like 155 mm shells, up to eight years for Javelins, and potentially as many as 18 years for Stingers.

Kirby emphasized that the challenge of replenishing munitions is not solely a matter of funding; it also involves considerations such as sustained production rates. The defense industry seeks assurances that increased production would be maintained over a period of time to warrant hiring additional workers, factory retooling, and expanded manufacturing capabilities. Kirby clarified that ongoing discussions with the defense industry revolve around the goal of stimulating increased production and conveying the administration’s commitment to supporting it.

These remarks from Kirby follow President Biden’s recent acknowledgment on television that the United States is facing a shortage of 155 mm artillery rounds.

Biden explained that, due to this shortage, the Defense Department recommended a transitional period during which cluster munitions were supplied to Ukraine while efforts are made to procure more 155 mm shells. Biden’s defense of this decision coincided with criticism from conservatives on social media platforms, with some facetiously commenting on the president’s televised disclosure about the country’s low ammunition stock.