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Mitch McConnell MISSING

What is McConnell scared of?

In a surprising turn of events, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., has opted to HIDE OUT and not attend the White House signing ceremony of President Biden’s $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Former President Donald Trump slammed McConnell for voting in favor of the Bill and giving the Democrats the upper hand.

According to The Hill, after McConnell was asked if he was going to attend the ceremony, he responded, “No, I’ve got other things I’ve got to do other than go to the signing ceremony.

McConnell was one of the 19 Republican Senators and 13 House Republicans in Congress who supported Biden’s bill which Trump and most other Republicans were completely opposed to.

After McConnell voted for President Biden’s massive bill, Trump asked, ”Why is it that Old Crow Mitch McConnell voted for a terrible Democrat Socialist Infrastructure Plan, and induced others in his party to do likewise, when he was incapable of getting a great Infrastructure Plan wanting to be put forward by me and the Republican Party?

McConnell has received major blowback from Conservatives across nation for his actions. McConnell however doesn’t appear to regret his vote and doubled down on his support of it. ”This bill was basically written in the Senate by a bipartisan group,” McConnell recently stated. ”I think it was good for the country, and I’m glad it passed.