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Karma Handed To Trump Traitor


It’s about to get a whole lot worse.

Current Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and former Sen. David Perdue, who is endorsed by Trump to replace Kemp, held their first debate Sunday night as Perdue attempt to unseat Kemp.

According to Fox, Perdue hit Kemp over a number of issues particularly what happened following the 2020 presidential election and how Kemp dealt Trump and the GOP a major blow suggesting that Kemp was unfit to represent the GOP.

Kemp on the other hand attacked Perdue over failing in the past to stick to his promises and making excuses for his failures.


Kemp also slammed Perdue and said, “You have a candidate that is going to attack my record, unfortunately, all night tonight, because they didn’t have a record there to beat Jon Ossoff in 2020.”

Perdue fired back at Kemp at one point during the debate and said that he was “suppressing information and not following up on leads.” 

Perdue also added, “Weak leaders take credit when things go well, and I tell you they blame somebody else when it doesn’t.”