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VIDEO: Republican Says Trump Is Running A Circus


This was shocking to see.

It looks like Governor Brian Kemp isn’t the only lawmaker in the state of Georgia that dislikes former President Donald Trump.

Republican Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan of Georgia recently sat down with CNN and smeared former president Trump for what he believes is interfering in primary elections and said that Trump is running a circus.

During his most recent interview with CNN, Duncan described a Republican divide across America. Duncan explained that there are two strategies taking place in the GOP, the first one he labeled as “GOP 2.0” and the other being “Donald Trump’s Party” as the other.

Duncan then said, “Donald Trump is not going to be the most important player in the Republican Party forever.”

He then said that “GOP 2.0” is the best path forward compared to Trump’s vision of the GOP.

Duncan then said, “Donald Trump has transitioned from running the country to running a circus.”