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Biden Gets Blindsided

Biden Gets Blindsided


No one expected this!

Last night, President Biden gave his first State of The Union Address. Many Americans including some in the mainstream media gave Biden’s speech negative marks and even said it felt uninspiring.

Biden talked about a number of topics from the Russia-Ukraine crisis to inflation in America and overall the speech was quite basic.

Controversy came however, when Biden began speaking about Afghanistan and the tragedies that happened during the lengthy war.


According to the Daily Caller, during his speech President Biden said, “And they come home, many of the world’s fittest and best warriors…in a flag draped coffin.”

That’s when Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert simply could no longer hold in her anger and shouted “THIRTEEN OF THEM!” referring to the 13 soldiers that died on Biden’s watch after he decided to withdraw from Afghanistan.


President Biden acted like he didn’t hear Boebert’s comments however Democrats began booing Boebert almost immediately.