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McConnell Sabotages Midterms


McConnell is on his last leg.

In a recent interview with presidential campaign adviser Dick Morris, he explained that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s relationship is so bad with former President Donald Trump that McConnell is willing to purposely lose the Senate in the midterm to avoid being pushed out of his leadership position in the GOP.

According to Newsmax, Morris explained, “McConnell wants to be the minority leader of the Senate so badly that he is prepared to stay the minority leader of the Senate” rather than letting the Republican Party win in the midterms and become the majority.

“He would rather be minority leader, than be out of the leadership,” Morris explained.

Former President Donald Trump has already called for the replacing of Mitch McConnell and Congressional Republicans are also thinking it’s time for a change as well.


“What’s going on here is a fight between McConnell and Trump, where Trump wants McConnell out, and McConnell wants to stay in, even at the price of not winning the majority,” Morris added.

“McConnell put up a whole series of candidates, you know all the Senate primaries, and Trump backed the opponents, and Trump won them all and McConnell lost them all,” Morris explained.

“And now McConnell is dissing the candidates that beat his candidates in the primary, because he knows that if they come to the Senate, he can’t control them. And he only wants senators that he can control.”

“So he’s literally poor-mouthing their chances, hoping to dry up their money, not giving them any of his money — any of the money that he raises and he’s raising it to promote a Republican majority.”